Vision, Mission & Objectives

Our core values:

Our Vision

The Rhema Projects aspires to provide high quality informed care and accommodation that are centres of excellence. We aim to become the provider of choice for local authorities and commissioning teams for young people aged 16-24.

We aspire to provide high quality services to these young people in a safe and nurturing environment whilst providing an integrated and cohesive range of opportunities, in line with their individual needs. The expected outcome of this approach will be to enhance their development, health and safety and to provide them with the skills to lead successful and productive lives.

The purpose of The Rhema Projects is to provide to Local Authorities a trusted and young person centred range of interventions through which young people can thrive.

Mission Statement

Throughout their childhood all children and young people are entitled to family life and parenting which promotes and safeguards their health, development and welfare whilst protecting them from harm. It is our primary task to achieve this. 

Our team seeks to work in partnership with families, to make services available to assist parents or guardians to carry out their responsibilities.

Firstly, Residential care consists of a range of services, which should be based on an assessment of each young person needs and be part of a written care plan for the Young Person. Where possible, this plan should have the agreement of the parents, and Young people should be consulted about their care plan and every effort made to reflect their wishes.

Secondly, Residential care should be based upon the worth and dignity of each Young Person and a commitment to increase each Young Person’s potential for growth, independence and development. The emphasis should always be on treating the Young Person as an individual and endeavouring to meet his or her needs.

And finally, Residential care should protect and promote young people’s rights and help them to take on appropriate responsibilities and independence into adulthood.

Aims & Objectives

The Rhema Projects is committed to protecting and safeguarding the welfare, growth and development of all young people placed in our care. Our policies, procedures, beliefs, and values are consistent with this, to which end we will strive to provide the best possible outcomes.

We will achieve this by excellent care practices and through working in a cohesive holistic fashion. Each Young Person will have an individual care plan tailored to their specific needs and helping each Young Person to remain healthy, safe and have access to a wide range of opportunities to develop their talents and skills in an environment that can meet their developmental needs.

Specific Aims & Objectives are: 

  • Support all young people to return to their family (where appropriate) 
  • Move all young people safely into independent living 
  • Provide a home that young people are proud of and feel able to invite their family and friends to. 
  • Create a stable environment where young people are nurtured and cared for by committed staff, where our expectations and boundaries are clear. 
  • Work alongside, and in partnership with children’s services, health professionals, and education to build and promote strong relationships with young people and their families.
  • Provide a warm and homely environment where young people will be encouraged to develop physically, psychologically, intellectually and socially. 
  • When appropriate prepare young people for independence (Dependent on age). Encourage young people to complete independent booklets and participate in one to one key working sessions to address any identified needs.
  • Provide the maximum opportunity for each Young Person to mature as an individual, to develop their personal identity and accept responsibility for their own actions through discussions, key-work sessions and by providing informative literature.
  • Promote the independence of young people at all times and encourage them to take responsibility for their own care and development. 
  • Preserve, support and enhance protective factors, in particular, ensure that a Young Person’s links with their own community and country, their parents, other carers and those with parental responsibility are rebuilt, maintained or improved.
  • Involve and assist young people to contribute to their care plans and other important decisions.
  • Ensure that diversity, equal opportunities and respect are at the heart of everything that we do and that no Young Person, staff member or visitor to the home are not discriminated against or disadvantaged in any way.